Back to the chill

We are currently experiencing a bit of chill weather. Apparently a weather pattern has crept down from Scandinavia, making us shiver and shake. While nothing like the Beast from the East of previous cold spells, it’s enough to warrant the wearing of a fleece…a far cry from a week ago in Caloundra. While culture shock is not really a problem, climate shock is a big possibility. I was actually cold. Well, for the littlest bit.

In the park

In Farnham I chatted with a few of my favourite service people, commenting on the cold and how hot it was in Queensland. To a woman, they all assumed I was missing the heat. I dissuaded them of that sort of thinking quick smart. Besides, the weather is supposed to warm up by next Wednesday as the Scandinavian front is replaced by a Mediterranean one. Stay tuned for more weather complaints mid week then.

While it was chilly, it was sunny enough to hang washing on the line which may have taken all day but by sundown was nicely dry and neatly folded. The weather wasn’t really responsible for the folding. I’d like to say that Freya did the folding but it would be a lie. She is such a lazy dog. Emma, of course, was doing her job of guarding the house from the safety of a window sill.

Speaking of her window sill position, there is a beautiful bunch of red dipped yellow tulips in the front garden perfectly placed for Emma’s vantage point. I took this photo from above as we went to the park.

After lunch, we headed up to the Park for a bit of a ball chase, something I miss when I’m away and something that Emma misses even more.

My favourite tree

We saw quite a few dog walkers but none that we knew. I managed to hold Emma back from a couple of over-sized greyhounds at one stage but, basically, we had only one visit by another dog. It was a cute fluffy thing who approached Freya with as much trepidation as she normally shows. They rubbed noses, sniffed butts then went their separate ways. It was all very civilised.

Back at home, I started work on moving Mirinda’s amendments from the working version of her thesis to the new master copy which came back from her supervisor with very high praise and copious exclamation marks in the cover email. When I spoke to Mirinda she seemed surprised at this reaction to the work. I merely said “I never doubted it.

Now it’s the final march towards the closing date in May.

Something I feel I should say before signing this post off is how I have not found anything out of place in my kitchen. Fiona has taken excellent care of my domain during my absence in some cases going above and beyond in white goods cleaning. I’m more than happy for her to come back and use it whenever she desires.

Though not next weekend. Next weekend I’m making moussaka and kulfi.

The park
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2 Responses to Back to the chill

  1. Mirinda says:

    Can’t wait!We I can. We are doing high tea tomorrow and Michelin star on thursday!!! :))

  2. Fiona says:

    I also never doubted Mirinda’s brilliant work on her thesis!! And love that her supervisor uses copious quantities of exclamation marks!!!! I’m very happy that you trust me in your kitchen, a huge compliment!! And very much looking forward to your culinary delight on our return!! A close call in this kitchen tonight, was heating the avocado oil (different to the oil I usually use) Dad called us to theTV to watch the horrific Notre dame fire, and the oil started smoking the kitchen!! But all ended well! See you soon. Xxx


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