Thai arrival

Denise arrived this morning. Her flight, teetering between being ten minutes late and early at various stages, arrived exactly on time. Carol, true to her word, was there, recognised her and drove her home. They pulled up outside the house just after 9am.

We had tea and a chat while Denise had a vague attempt to recover from her flight then went into town. I had an Alton Talking Newspaper so, after the obligatory Starbucks visit, I left her in Farnham to wander off her jetlag (something that didn’t actually work) while I continued on to the studio.

Today was a bit of a red letter day at the studio. Some of my favourite people were there resulting in a lot of jollity and joshing.  This went for both the Presenters and Readers. I don’t remember a noisier or happier time.

I successfully made my team laugh and even enjoy the sports report before heading home with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I just missed Fran in Waitrose then continued on home.

Autumn evening

This following conversation followed me along the path for a bit.

LITTLE BOY OF ABOUT 10: I only managed to get 40% in the test today, Mummy.

MOTHER: Why? That’s not very good.

BOY: I didn’t know the answers to the second half of the test because they were on pages 20 to 30.

MOTHER: But why didn’t you say yesterday? We could have looked at those pages last night. Why didn’t you say something?

BOY: Because you’d have made me do more homework!

MOTHER: Well, yes, exactly. 

It made me chuckle.

Back at home Denise dragged herself up out of a dog filled recliner. She’d watched about 30 episodes of something on Netflix. Actually, that’s not exactly true. She’d had the TV on and occasionally regained full consciousness. At one stage the TV turned itself off figuring she wasn’t seriously watching it.

After dinner she stayed awake for as long as possible, fighting a valiant battle against her heavy eyelids. By 8:30 she’d climbed the hill to Bedhampton and was asleep in less time than it took for her head to land on the pillow. Needless to say she didn’t hear Mirinda get home at 10pm.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Sounds like me when I go over to you or when you come over to me. still she will be right now xxx

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