Rain drenched Sunday

This morning I woke to pouring rain. It was so bad in the extension that I could hardly hear the radio. Eventually it eased off just as the Sunday worship programme started which is when I turned it off.

The rain stopping was good because I was headed into Farnham to have a coffee with Lizzy. It was actually a bit of a holiday farewell coffee given she’s off to LA at the same time as we’re off to Spain.

On the way in I spotted a casualty of yesterday’s cross country event. It seems the little darlings have no idea what to do with a rubbish bin.

Don’t rubbish our bins!

Coffee was lovely as we proceeded to chat for a goodly while. Lizzy filled me in on her job and how things are going. I told her about Contract Law and what actually constitutes a contract. It was a jolly chat.

The afternoon was spent in DBA and planning for tomorrow’s feast. It’s important to have a timetable when preparing nine separate dishes particularly when your indispensable sous chef is in Queensland.

Anyway, all will be well and my schedule was complete and taped to the fridge door before bed.

Both of them insisted on sitting on my lap after dinner
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