Weeds begone!

I did lots of weeding today. The hot border which had become completely inundated with weeds during our absence, is now weed free. Though, I should add that a lot of the ‘weeds’ were actually self sown seedlings from the Verbena banana custard from last year, some of which Mirinda moved to pots and lots of little baby fennel plants which have sprung forth from the highly successful bronze fennel against the fence.

The hot border after weeding

Of course there was the usual tangle of bind weed and dandelions to remove so lots of digging was involved. Still, all gone now and it looks ready for a fresh batch.

While I was weeding out the weeds, Mirinda was potting up nearly all the plants we bought yesterday. Suddenly the garden is a profusion of colour and new growth waiting to join in. I’m not the most enthusiastic gardener but looking at the finished job is somehow very satisfying.

It was Book group day today so Mirinda drove off to Alton after lunch and I took the poodles for a lovely long walk around the park. It’s amazing how full and green the park has become. Since we went away, I mean. I totally noticed a difference.

Farnham Park looking very lush

Tomorrow I graduate…finally! For anyone who would like to watch, the university will have a live video feed of the ceremony. It starts at 2pm UK time (11pm in Australia) and I have no idea how long it goes for.

After finishing off the photos, I also created a portal page for the Italy trip which links to the blog posts in order. It is here.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Photos are great, and we will do our best to be up tonight to watch you graduate.
    love mum

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