Dubai delivery

So these guys turned up tonight…

Most of the Hassels

…after spending a few days in Dubai. They went from 27 degrees to 3 in around eight hours. They managed to reach us by about 10pm.

Most of my day had been in making sure their stay would be as smooth and tidy as possible. It was also important that they had colour coordinated towels. (Thank you, Elphicks.)

There was some planting to do then a good clean up of the terrace. There was some floor washing before walking the dogs then some dog washing before once more washing the floors after they decided to bring some mud in from up the back. Then I washed their paws again. And locked them inside for the remainder of my time outside.

Eventually (by the time the sun had vanished for the day) the terrace was clean and the plants all inserted into well composted holes in pots. I then attacked the house like a thing obsessed. By the time Mirinda returned from her conference (at 7:30) all was perfect and ready for our visitors.

It was a long day without a gym visit but I did get to Starbucks where Charlotte created this:

Latte art, deluxe

We all had a jolly good chat (one particular highlight were the unpleasant occupants accompanying them on the flights to Dubai) until Andrew signalled it was very late (by falling asleep) and we decided we should call it a night.

Before finishing this post, I should mention the dogs. Emma was her usual bashful self but Freya was very odd. We figured it was because of all the big luggage as well as the sudden appearance of lots of humans in her home space.

She kept backing off and hiding, her tail down. At one stage she was next to me on the recliner while Lauren gently patted her, trying to calm her. Freya, undecided, went forward then back…then forward then back…poor baby.

Still, by the end of the night, they’d both fallen asleep and forgotten about our visitors.

Sorry but Fiona moved just at the wrong time

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Yes that was a shame lovely sister photo any way. I was worn out be the time I finished your blog felt like I had done all that. love the coffee picture I have triad to do that but hopeless. Love mum xxxx

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