Meeting Rosie

Gardener Dave (and Sam) and Rosie came over this morning and were a bit destructive. Rosie, in particular, was paramount in the removal of a lot of the back garden. To be fair, Rosie was also responsible for an extra ton of top soil on the grass which is no longer grass.

While Rosie may have been responsible for the top soil arrival, poor Gardener Dave had to wheelbarrow it all round the back to be dumped on the grass. While that was a rotten job (and I know having done it myself a number of years ago) poor Sam had to fork it all.

This marks another attempt to flatten the grassed area out. I remember the previous attempt when we actually had it all turfed as well. It looked lovely and lush and flat…for a short while. Before today it was as flat as the surface of the moon. Now it’s just dirt with seeds scattered on top and the old grass underneath. Gardener Dave assures us it will work beautifully.

Non-grass grass

There’ll be no more mowing for a bit. And I’ve had to fence it off from the dogs until it starts to grow back. (The fence stretches across the path from my office to the fence and has already successfully caught Freya running up the back trying to catch a squirrel. It was very funny.)

The non-grass area was a very big job and, hopefully, a very successful one but the best job was the final removal of the rotting shed. I watched as Sam carried it piece by piece out for Rosie to look after.

Before removal

The photo above might look quite idyllic in a sort of nostalgic old English garden style, it was more rot than shed and had to go. And I think Gardener Dave took great delight and pushing it over and ripping it apart.

They ran out of time (and space) so couldn’t quite finish. The final removal of the Remains of the Rotting Shed will continue in two weeks but for now, the area is already showing promise…albeit tinged with devastation.

An interim after shot

Okay it looks pretty bad but it’ll all soon be gone and plans for Mirinda’s glasshouse can start. Actually the one annoying thing is that the shed wasn’t built on a concrete base…which means we’ll have to get one put down before building the glasshouse. Mind you, it does mean we can get one the shape, size and in the location that we want.

MATTRESS UPDATE: They were all very apologetic for its non-delivery and, eventually, tracked it down and promised it would arrive tomorrow.

SLIDEROBES UPDATE: Belfast called to say that the fitter would come on Saturday week and finish it…which is JUST before our visitors begin arriving.

COTTAGE UPDATE: I heard from the management agents and plans are being put in place to sell in 2018.

Oh, and here’s Rosie:


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2 Responses to Meeting Rosie

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Poor Rosie must be fed up carting all the rubbish away lol , It will look great when finished the back garden I mean by the time I get there I will be able to relax on the lawn. whats the matter with these people you can never get a straight delivery, and if they are coming from Belfast no wonder they never get anything done, lets hope it all falls into place in time. If you had someone to buy the cottage why do you have to wait till 2018. IF I win my lotto before it is sold I will buy it so I have some where to live when I come over unless it is to far from you then I will look for a closer one. love mum xxxx

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    PS Who is that just in the picture xx


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