Swell reduction

So Mirinda headed off for London today while I did very little except try and melt my foot with my mind.

When I woke up this morning I found I could actually hobble without hanging on to everything stable. Okay, I walk like a weirdo but just the tiniest bit of independent mobility made me almost cheer with delight.

I Skyped with mum for a bit and then…well, not a lot more.

I listened to a bit of radio, watched a bit of TV (I have discovered Rick and Morty, an insane animated show by Dan Harmon of Community and Harmonville podcast fame) and worked on the blog.

I tried to change the header image above but it wouldn’t let me. Because I can’t get out to the office, I have to work on the hybrid which doesn’t have the software I need. That’ll have to wait then.

I also added a few of my phone photos from Japan to Flickr. Again I’ll have to wait until I can get to the office before adding my camera photos – there are quite a lot.

I managed to make dinner for myself…okay, it was just a pizza to heat but I did add spinach and an egg. I also managed to wash my feet which they desperately needed.

The doctor suggested I use an emollient on my feet to prevent anything nasty managing to sneak in. To do that, I really need freshly washed and clean feet. I used the floor washing bucket. It was very successful and felt bloody good!

See how dull my days are at the moment? It’s all about the feet. It’s a good job it’s not a butt problem.

Obviously, there’s not a lot of photographs being taken at the moment. In order to brighten up this post, then, here’s a photo of a lovely boat in Mosman Bay. I rather fancy having it to travel across the Channel to St Malo.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh dear me you are sorry for your self wish I was there with you to help just had email from Jackie they are both very sick in her house how Terry is looking after his mum and sick his self is some sort of miracle I think. Are you still on that No Carbs eating. Thats a lovely boat I was looking forward to going to St Marlo oh well hope one day. Get well my one and only,, Love mum xxxxx

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