No more woolly trousers

This evening, just before I was about to sit down in front of an entertaining amount of Netflix offerings, I received a VERY IMPORTANT document from Mirinda. Earlier in the day I’d run my editing eye across a spreadsheet that was only MILDLY IMPORTANT but this was nothing compared to the 21 page Word document I was sent. This was more VERY IMPORTANT than anything. Ever.

I forgot about Netflix and possibly Iron Fist or White Helmets or…it’s such a long list. So I printed the document off then sat, Puccini arias coming out of the Sonos, at the dining table, pen in hand.

Later, when I rang Mirinda to say I’d finished, she asked what had taken so long. Really, I asked? 21 pages of content to edit and check for consistency, flow and sense? It’s not like I could just skim read the thing. She accepted this explanation for the length of time it took.

That does not, however, explain the length of time it took to give Freya a Gaz Hack because it was her turn today. First up was a bath (which she hated) then an initial scissor trim. After a run around the park and some lunch we settled down on a recliner to watch the TV and, while she slept on my lap, I snipped away some more.

Finally I placed her on the terrace table, implored her to stand up, and finished her off. Incidentally, because she refused to stand up (at first) after I’d trimmed her front end, her back end appeared to be clad in a pair of very shaggy, woolly trousers. Eventually I managed to get her to stand and trimmed away her overgrown pants.

At the time I thought I’d managed quite a good job (a lot better than the infamous Day-z Gaz Hack of a few years ago) until a bit later when I felt the lumps and bumps of missed clumps of tangle all over her. Poor Freya. Still, she’ll not come home with quite so much foliage stuck to her now and I’m sure she’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

Freya and her Gaz Hack

I can only imagine what Kate will say when she eventually sees them both. I remember how she never quite managed to recover from what I did to Day-z.

So, late in the night, I finished amending the many (and sometimes hilarious) typos in Mirinda’s VERY IMPORTANT document and went to bed. It’s a somewhat big day tomorrow…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    OH Dear poor Freya never mind she will feel better at least dogs don’t know if they look good or not. VERY IMPORTANT WOW I thought you were going to tell me she was going to start a new job at 10 Downing st getting all excited I was. Whats a mater with your leg don’t tell me you have over worked it again. love mum xxxx

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