Eleven new taps

Two small children on the bus chatting:

BOY: (pointing out the window at a roadside storm drain) That’s a plug.
GIRL: Is it?
BOY: I’ve got one at home. A new one. Have you?
GIRL: No. Not like that.
BOY: And taps. I have taps at home. Lots.
GIRL: I have taps. Hot and cold.
BOY: We have new taps now. Eleven.
GIRL: Eleven?
BOY: Yes, we have eleven new taps.

Then, accompanied by his mother, they left the bus.

There was no plumbing for me today. After the gym and the shops, I Skyped with mum then, after lunch, restarted in the garden.

Mirinda who was working from home, went to the pool during a break, and swam a few thousand laps as well as walking the girls up to the castle.

In the afternoon I started making a very fancy lo-carb shepherd’s pie. The original recipe is for six so I had to fiddle with it a bit. Though I didn’t get it quite right (the cauli-mash topping wasn’t solid enough for instance) it was still very yum. I’ll give it another go the next time I have five hours to spare.

Shep Spy

Meanwhile the Wildflower Patch progressed as far as grass removal was concerned and a few other nasty things growing in there. It’s very laborious, but will be worth the effort. Surely.

While I was thus employed, Emma kept expecting me to throw her tennis ball while Freya occasionally came over to see what I was doing and sit on my lap.

Again, the weather was glorious and perfect for gardening and generally being outside.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    where was Emma ? Your pie looked yumme you will have do the cooking here as as I said on Tuesday. No peace for the wicked lol.Love mum xxx

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