Puppies playing

Here’s a short video of the puppies playing:

This was during the snooker the other day but they play regardless of what’s on the television.

Tonight, just as I finished the cleaning up after dinner, I realised that the semi-final of the snooker was on. I turned it on and watched the final frame of the Barry Hawkins v Joe Perry match.

Barry Hawkins deep in thought…possibly about the after game beer

It was 5-5 and, apparently, Joe had not played well. Barry was in amongst the balls and made a 50 break. He missed a long, very straight red and Joe took over. He almost cleared the table (there was a particularly brilliant brown) and eventually won.

Joe Perry is not sure about that shot

Interviewed after the game, he was as surprised as anyone.

He will now play Ronnie in the final tomorrow.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you for the puppy play not long enough, wow he doesn’t looked surprised he looks like he might cry. Still sounds like a good match.
    Love mum xxxx


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