Sleepy Sunday

Here’s another little video of the puppies going for a walk in the park.

I took that the other day but have only just uploaded it to Youtube. After seeing a particular episode of CSI, I decided I should put more video on the blog…just because I can. I feel certain that they won’t always be relevant or even any good but that’s what you get.

Most of today was spent organising our upcoming trip to Barcelona. Buying tickets online for some of the bigger sites is a good idea although there probably won’t be the crowds there are in high season. Our experience going to the Alhambra in Granada showed how handy it is to have your tickets already. Given I (sort of) know Barcelona, it made sense to buy tickets to a few things.

Oh, and Mirinda took the girls to Farnham Heath.

And speaking of CSI…today marked the end for us. We have watched it since it started in 2000 and have been faithful fans (I guess) in that we always buy the box set and watch it at our leisure. Today we finished series 15 then tonight we watched the special CSI Finale.

There were a few characters missing for unknown reasons and at least one missing through death but, basically, it was a fitting send off for a great show. Sadly the only mention of Holly Gribbs was in one of the deleted scenes so only people buying the DVD will get to see it. It was very funny.

We had pork with green butter for the first time in ages. It was delicious. In the middle of the CSI Finale, I managed to watch most of the final frame in the Masters final between Ronnie and Joe Perry. Ronnie won it for the 7th time though he was not at his sparkling best.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you for video of puppies at least I get to see them. and it looked great in the Queens bottom I like all the brown leaves crunching. Love mum xxx


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