The wood arrived first thing this morning which meant I couldn’t walk Mirinda to the station. They finished unloading about 15 minutes after she left so she couldn’t have waited. I then left for the shops.

After skyping with mum and hearing her exciting news about the cruise (which later was withdrawn due to aunty Mollie being very unwell), I started preparing and planting the Crazy Bed then, eventually, the Garden of One Thousand Yaps.

The afternoon was liberally punctuated with drizzle patches of rain so, naturally I wound up wet and muddy. I found a moment to take the girls to the park so they could be too.

I managed to plant up everything (including the climbing rose against the holly arch) and had a well needed shower.

It was too wet to take any photos of the new plants but I’d taken a few earlier on in the day. Here’s the first yellow rose of the season.


The beginnings of the alliums.


And the first of the big clematis growing up the cherry tree.


It’s a lovely time as the garden seems to awaken with a magic burst of colour. Makes the muddy days well worth it.

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2 Responses to Planting

  1. Mirinda says:

    Though also a lovely time for weeds…that rose also smells beautiful

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Yes weeds always manage to get through, but the flowers that are out are beauitfull and I can imagin the perfume of them all. worked so hard but well worth it.
    While I think of it Gary its Michael’s birthday on Saturday maybe you can find time to tex him as you are the only one over there. as over here will have to private message him. Auntie Mollie home said she is feeling better but going to leave the cruise for a while going to Uncle Buster in October, he gets back in Sep.
    Love Mum xxxx

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