Ban Islam

I hate religion. Completely. Irrevocably.

On the one hand we have a bunch of maniacal savages killing people in the name of some invisible entity that clearly feeds on the misery of everyone. On the other we have millions of people whose sole response to atrocity is to mumble at an equally invisible and non-existent entity.

“Pray for Paris,” they say, plastering social media with their messages of stupidity.

How come they don’t realise that prayer has done nothing since it was invented and what they’re doing is just habit? A bad habit as well because while they ask their non-existent god to help, the other idiots are praying to theirs in order to destroy everyone else.

“Thank God you are safe!” Others write. Seriously? God?

If it was true that there is only one god then he did it in the first place and is laughing up his voluminous sleeve at the stupid humans killing each other for no reason.

Among all the mumbling advice today, I’ve read a couple of posts that claim the acts of terrorism in Paris were committed by ISIS in order to make us hate Moslems more than we already do. ISIS wish to highlight and strengthen the massive anti-Islam feeling which is apparently rampant in the west.

In some warped way this almost sounds like terrorist attacks are our own fault. It’s almost as if being fair and equitable, generous and loving means you need to be taught a lesson.

It seems to me that if the Moslems who are always telling us they love peace so much really worried how we felt about them, they’d do something about the lunatics that claim the same god.

But no. They are all leaving their countries to come and live with us because we’re easier to get on with. And they wonder why we don’t like them. But then ISIS makes sure we hate them by blowing a lot of us up.

Islamophobia my arse. What we want is to live happy and free without some rabid cretin waving high explosives in our faces. That’s not fear of anything, it’s merely what we work, laugh, cry, love and live for.

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