Toilet training blues

It was so much easier with the poodles. We were living at East Worldham and we just kept them outside on the grass all day. We were both working so they had no choice.

It has to be the worst part of dog ownership. You think you have it pegged and, suddenly, there’s a dog poo in the middle of the floor. Or there’s a little puddle you don’t notice until your toes are wet.

Still, I think we have the mornings sorted. We all go out to the lawn where each of them empties their bladder on the grass to rousing cheers from me. It has to be preferable to a smack on the nose and a grouchy voice.

Actually, the nurse at the vet asked me how the toilet training was going when I took Freya for her second shots today. I thought he was a bit early in asking. It has only been three days…two and half when I saw him. Speaking of her shots, the vet asked if I’d prefer it if they took her out the back to give her the needle. I remember it was the same with Emma. Apparently, if the needle hurts, the puppy will blame whoever is there and it’s a tough trauma to shake. It made me wonder whether that happened to Emma and that’s why she doesn’t like men. There was no pain with Freya and she was soon back, shaking her tail for joy at seeing me…or Emma.

The nurse suggested bringing Freya along to the puppy classes, just as he did for Emma, but the current classes are fully booked up, as they were for Emma, so I’m not too confident. Though the woman who organises them is supposed to give me a call. Just like she was with Emma. We shall see. Mind you, Freya is pretty sociable and she does have Emma.

It was then time for a walk in the Park. She’s really quite energetic for such a little thing. Coming back, she walked most of the way home, only being picked up when other dogs approached. And it would appear that she’s a lot friendlier than Emma. She went straight up to a couple walking passed us on the Avenue of Trees, to say hello. There’s no way Emma would ever do that.

A little later, I showed Dave and Gail next door. And Gail now wants a puppy pal for Rodney. Dave was quite adamant that it wasn’t going to happen but it didn’t stop him fussing over little Freya. I think Rodney wanted to eat her.

And then Nicktor dropped in for a cup of tea on the way to the football. He’d asked me last week if I’d like to go and see Dover play us along with Mark (from Edinburgh) but I’d told him I couldn’t because I’d be babysitting. That was enough for him to pop over for a tea (and to change into his play clothes). He saw Emma not long after she arrived so he just had to do the same with Freya. Clearly.

And here’s another video of Emma and Freya playing and Day-z ignoring them.

Note that the videos are also on Flickr where they can be seen much bigger, brighter and better.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Shame you could not go to football. she will be all grown up by the time I get there,I love the videos thank you she is like a bounce ball. I wonder what Day-Z is thinking when she looks at her her face is so serious.
    Love mum xx

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