Definitely not orange

Having spent a day with the new puppy, I’ve decided I don’t like calling her Fanta. It’s a harsh word and doesn’t shorten very well. I’ve started calling her Fizz instead. It’s still short for Fizzy-pop Fanta. Actually, when I booked her into the vet for tomorrow, on hearing the name Fanta, the receptionist assumed she was orange. I said she was far from orange.

She is definitely NOT orange

Neon Fizz and coal black Day-z

The thing is, by the end of the day, we’d decided to try Freya, which sounds a lot softer and, given her blonde locks, is suitably Scandinavian.

Apart from a flurry of ‘F’ names, and trying to think of more, it was all about baby sitting today. Freya is rather naughty but then tires very quickly and spends a lot of time asleep between her manic moments. This came up in the park, talking to a trio of Freya admirers.

They were telling me how their two year old runs and runs and never seems to tire. I agreed, saying how Emma is the same. I pointed to Day-z and said that, contrary to this, and at her grand old age, she tired every ten minutes. They dutifully laughed.

Later, talking to Mirinda, it occurred to us that Freya and Day-z seem to have the same constitution. We assume it’s because Day-z has sunk into her puppy old age, second childhood.

I took a number of videos today, hoping to get Freya jumping about like a quokka but this was the best I could manage. Here’s about 90 seconds of Freya annoying Emma.

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3 Responses to Definitely not orange

  1. Mirinda says:

    Cool funky and tres cute

  2. hankyoyu says:

    That was great Emma makes me laugh she doesn’t know if she wants to play with Freya or not forgotten she was a little puppy a year ago and did the same to Day-Z Love mum xx

  3. hankyoyu says:

    Had another look and Freya ‘s tail is going mad she will wag it off hahaha
    I loved it Love mum xx

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