White and Black

Cilla Black died in Spain this morning where she’d been living in “disgraceful semi-retirement.” She was only 72. I heard about it on Twitter an hour after it was announced. (That’s how I get my up to the minute news, Jack!) Apparently she was born Cilla White but in an early article about her, she was mistakenly called Cilla Black. She preferred it so thus it stayed.

I imagine there’ll be an awful lot of Cilla-memories on the radio tomorrow given her universal popularity. I also imagine the papers will be full of it…which makes a change from the usual dismal headlines I see in other people’s hands.

Nothing so dismal at home today. Being a Sunday it was the usual Skype for Mirinda and Fi while I went shopping. I made another batch of wine jelly this time colouring them as well (pink and green) which was very successful. In fact Mirinda reckons I’ve well and truly got the jelly pegged. Of course, the fridge winds up smelling of wine for a couple of days but there’s not a lot wrong with that.

And, of course, being a Sunday, we went to the garden centre to buy a load of plants for me to plant during the week. Annuals for between the new hydrangeas along Carmen’s Sweet Escape, a couple of interesting looking flowers for the corner in the Former Home of Xun Ma, and some lovely dangley flowers for the pallet bed. I’ll be nice and busy.

And then a lovely walk, this week to Thursley where we joined the swarms of bird watchers and families reliving granny’s horse riding days. Actually, we didn’t see many bird watchers but then that is the nature of the hobby, really…so not that surprised. But there was an awful lot of cars in the car park when we arrived.

No roast this week, the pick was Joey Layer Cake and it was DELICIOUS, especially with the olive and mandarin oil we bought last week at Loseley.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Wow! fancy me missing that about Cilla Black we had a big story about her life a couple of months ago.she was only 72.
    Love mum xx


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