Yesterday I went onto Amazon and bought a new, handheld, cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Animal and, hopefully, will transform my cleaning life. And, because Amazon is extraordinary, it turned up today. Not that I was at the house, Mirinda took delivery.

I was at the flat, giving it a good clean with another Dyson. (Actually, we’re now a three Dyson household.)

It’s never very arduous and I rather enjoy my trip into town and under the Thames. I tend to buy sushi for lunch at Itsu and, obviously, a Starbucks from Jubilee Square. There’s no need to hurry and, as long as it’s not raining, I can enjoy a leisurely stroll to and from the flat. There’s always a couple of boats to look at and multi-storey apartment building progress to check out.

Then, of course, the trip home is generally very relaxed (I always try and miss the peak hour) with an episode on the tablet. In fact, today I started the new season of Game of Thrones because I finished season 5 of The Walking Dead on Friday. Anyway, it was a pleasant catch up with some old (not really) friends and favourite enemies for the hour trip home. Such a splendid way to pass a train trip.

Then home where the Animal awaited me.

The two main reasons I wanted the Animal are for cleaning Max (it’s such a pain trying to use the big Dyson in such a small car) and, more importantly, for sucking the dead flies out of the skylight. For this, the Animal is pretty close to perfect.

Having unpacked it and slotted all the bits together I happily discovered that it had a bit of a charge already in it…enough for a bit of a test drive, anyway. And it works like a dream. I’m lovin’ the Animal. Thank you, Mr Dyson…again.


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  1. hankyoyu says:

    In the picture it looks more like a space ship gun then it did when you showed me the other night. I just know you are going to love it.xx
    Love mum xx

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