Wagon wheels and breadcrumbs

As I said to mum on Tuesday (and which she agreed with wholeheartedly) I like the fact that I know where everything is in Waitrose. All the usuals, anyway. It means I can get in, go round and get out as quick as possible. In fact, I usually spend more time chatting at the checkout than actually shopping. This is, after all, the more agreeable part of supermarket shopping. Not so this joyful fact today!

I was at the Talking Newspaper this afternoon and, because Nicktor insisted I cook burgers and chips tonight, I had to go shopping on the way home. Normally I would have just popped into Waitrose and been out in next to no time but, sadly, Nicktor has a bit of an addiction to Wagon Wheels. He keeps buying them for Nicktor Nights and, somehow, they just vanish. Because they tend to vanish in our fridge, I feel it only right to replace them when they do.

On previous sortee’s to Waitrose for these chocolate and marshmallow horrors, I discovered they do not stock them. Clearly they are a taste acquired somewhat below the rarefied status of Waitrose shoppers. Because of this, after the Talking Newpaper, I went via Sainsbury’s to acquire some.

Well, you’ll never guess. Sainsbury’s do not stock them either! At least, not our Sainsbury’s. I searched and searched and searched and…gave up searching. It was crazy. So, not only was I unsuccessful in the second great Wagon Wheel Hunt, I also shopped in an alien store unnecessarily! Never again.

But it wasn’t just the Wagon Wheels that left me flummoxed. They do not seem to stock breadcrumbs either. Well, I’m sure they do but I couldn’t find them. Eventually I decided I’d just make my own. Stupid shop.

Just to cheer me up…here’s a photo of Carmen this morning looking healthy and happy. Day-z is somewhere in the bushes behind her. The bench is glistening with defrosted frost in the dazzling sun. We had a very heavy frost last night!

Carmen takes a breather while Day-z is off finding squirrels

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well you should have been in our Coles yesterday what a mess it is more stuff moved shelfs in different places I am sure the place is getting bigger every day all the old ladies (me) walking around moaning to ourselves, they keep telling us they are sorry for the inconvenience but I dont think they are.
    Carmen looks like she had fun. love mum

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