After last nights storm I figured today would be wet and miserable. How wrong I was! As well as the great news about Claire, the day simply shone as if in recognition. There was a frost in the morning so everything glistened in the sun. Nice and cold too. Just how I like it.

By the way, Carmen obviously just hurt her leg yesterday because she was fine when she woke up this morning. You’d think she was 100 years old the way she carries on. At one point she was standing at the top of the stairs, tail down, as she contemplated whether it was worth the bother going for dinner. Eventually I carried her, something she normally hates, and her tail went up! I also warned her that were she not better, we’d be going to the vet this morning. Possibly not the best ploy since they both love the vet!

Seeing as the day was so nice, I decided it was a good time to finish the cupboard in Mirinda’s study. Ok, it’s been quite a while but…actually there’s no excuse. It was just a door; a small hinged door to go at the top. It looked very simple. It wasn’t.

I’ve never been very good with hinges. I remember building sets in the old days and always getting them wrong. Very annoying when you have to make a dramatic entrance on stage and the door opens the other way. Can take the wind out of many a massive sail.

Still…I managed to finish it…now I just need to paint it. This will probably be on the weekend as Nicktor is coming over for a Nicktor Night tomorrow (I’m making burgers and chips…apparently) and I’m not sure he’d like breathing the fumes. Although the whisky fumes should counteract them…really.

I had a break during the door making and took the girls to the park and guess what? Something that has NEVER happened before in the park…well, to me, anyway. We saw a deer. 1:30 in the afternoon it was. The three of us couldn’t believe it. We stood in stunned silence as it bounded across the open area and into Badger Wood. To be fair, Carmen and I were stunned, Day-z was more bemused. She wasn’t really sure why we’d stopped walking.

Carmen was the first to wake up and she darted off towards where it had entered the wood. Excellent, I thought, fresh venison again. Sadly, Carmen just ran around in circles, chasing the nymphs and sprites she always sees…the ones no-one else can see. Still, it was pretty cool seeing a wild deer in broad daylight even if I didn’t get to eat it.

I wasn’t quite quick enough to get a photo of it…here’s a consolation. This is the big old tree trunk that sits up near the castle and from which one can sit and look over the town. I thought it looked especially attractive in the sun today.

Old tree trunk in the park

Also, after mum’s comment yesterday, here’s a close up of Carmen’s cheeky face. I think, mum, you were looking at Day-z, who is in front.

Carmen being very cheeky in the park - close up

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2 Responses to Finally

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes, I think you are right; that is a very cheeky face, also sparkly eyes. Very good news about Claire this morning also. Dad tested your bed yesterday…well that was his excuse anyway.
    Have a great Nicktor night.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Just to be clear – when G threatened the vet he didn’t mean a 1 way trip, but just a visit to get Carmen better!!
    Carmen looks especially cheeky in that photo – a glint of delight now she’s figured out how to get G to carry her down the stairs!


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