Off to Warwick

Mirinda had to drive to Warwick today…for a one hour meeting. Insane. I sometimes wonder what people consider reasonable.

Of course, first thing this morning, Clive turned up to start the steps and didn’t. This is something we’re getting used to. To be fair, the tops were too wet and he was on his own. These are two very good reasons not to go ahead.

The wetness is obvious – the primer has to go onto a dry surface, otherwise it merely traps the moisture beneath it. This is clearly not a good idea. The fact that he was alone was probably more a problem.

I’ve said before that the bonded aggregate goes off very quickly. The minute the mixtures are combined, like araldite, they start to harden. Adding the gravel to the cement mixer must be done instantly. The mixing time must also be very accurate before the mix is poured out and applied to the top of the steps. Then Clive has to spread like Billy-O in order to get it smooth in a tiny window of opportunity.

While he can obviously manage that on his own, another equally quick pair of hands is required to clean out the mixer. At the same time. Otherwise, the aggregate will stick to the inside of the barrel, never to be removed. So, the fact that he was on his own, basically put paid to any work being done. So, he left.

I went into Farnham to the shops while Mirinda worked from the extension and entertained the dogs.

Upon my return, I made her a couple of ham rolls for the journey (to go with her two peaches). There was a bit of a blip when Linda refused to speak but we soon had that sorted and she was off north.

She was back about five hours later, not best pleased at what amounted to a bit of a waste. We did enjoy a lovely dinner together though, so I guess the day wasn’t all bad.

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  1. hat says:

    What a long way to go for an hour, and not even worth it.
    love mum and dad xxxx

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