Taxing time

Things are going to be a bit dull on my blog this week as I am compiling the stuff for our tax return to go to the accountant. This is never much fun and terribly dull and uninspiring.

One bright spark in the day was a phone call from Stealthy Dave. The new fire had arrived from the Netherlands and he had tested the pipes before committing to a date. And everything fitted the way it should. Finally!

He’s (apparently) due on Thursday morning to fit it. Finally!!

Another bright spark was Skyping with mum and dad (always a bright spark…at the very least). Among other things, we discussed the fact that women are just as good (if not better) at sport than men, particularly in football. You only have to watch the pathetic men rolling around on the grass, grabbing their ankles while grimacing in pretend agony, to know this is true. Not for the women these childish theatrics.

We also discussed the sad fact that some men still expect their dinner on the table while quite incapable of making someone a cup of tea on their birthday. Mum thinks they never found their way out of the 1950’s. I’m actually thinking they’re still stuck in the 1850’s…except with the luxury of an extra wage because they expect their women folk to work as well.

I find the idea of being waited on hand and foot by someone as some sort of right, abhorrent. And I think men who expect it are sad losers with very little brains.

Nothing else happened at home today if you ignore the frantic searching and swearing coming from my office.

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  1. hat says:

    Tax time I am glad we don’t have to fill out all those forms now. Good luck.
    love mum and dad xx

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