The Big Dig – 1

Up at 5:30 and digging by 7am. A beautiful day.

Digging was very easy through old plough soil. Didn’t find much, just Victorian pottery and lots of glass.

If you look at the landscape, my test pit is at the bottom of a field so a lot of the finds would have progressively moved down over the years.

Stopped at 3:30 to take the puppies for a walk then showered and changed, ready for the BPP Ball by 5pm.

I sat on a train waiting for a points failure to succeed for 20 minutes.

The ball was fun. Weird seeing all of Mirinda’s work chums – I know them by reputation but not visually. A bit bizarre.

Finally met Sophie. She’s very nice and I see why she’s becoming Mirinda’s best friend in the UK.

Peter was a bit hyper. I was sat next to the Flutter, worst luck. She came, escorted by her son who is a very handsome young lad – looked very Chekhovian. Darryl looks and sounds like Spike Milligan.

We left at 11 – me pissed, Mirinda not. Managed to get the last train home. There was a woman sitting opposite us who was not happy about my hiccoughs. Bed about 1am.

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