Making a splash (page)

To make up for yesterday (and to spare my knee) Mirinda drove me to the station.

A bit of scattered cloud but the sun peeking out and it looked like being a another scorcher.

Tim Henman won his first round game at Wimbledon yesterday though it was a struggle, while I beat Stevie 7-1 in pool this week. It’s not that Stevie played bad this week but his potting was a bit off and I managed to finish off better than he did. For the first time, ever, he called Last Game. He’s having problems with Barclay’s Bank so maybe this was playing on his mind. Also the pool hall was full, something else he hates.

Rotten CR2 testing for most of the day, with isolated bits of splash page stuff in between.

David asked me to build a Site Down page for Abbey National. He sent it as a development job but after the stuff I’ve done with the splash pages, this was a doddle. Still, keep ’em coming, I say.

Public Transport
Talk about vigilant. This evening on Woking station, someone had left a backpack and, being mindful of all the ‘report anything suspicious’ and ‘unattended bags’ warnings, I went and alerted a member of staff. The old guy (the only one I could find) not only just picked it up but also unzipped the top and looked inside. Eventually he just carried it away. Boy, that’s some great security training they give you at South West Trains.

Meanwhile, at home, Mirinda went with Ben (architect) to visit the council to discuss the problems with the plans. She managed to get what she wanted (like that was ever in doubt).

Part of the problem is that we need to solve Shelly’s privacy issue by building a fence. It’s just what they don’t want but, I guess that’ll teach them. It’s a good idea not to mess with my Matey.

I made a delicious shepherd’s pie for dinner and we watched an episode of Red Dwarf closely followed by Fawlty Towers.

It’s amazing how Fawlty Towers it’s still funny after seeing it so many times. Last night was the episode with the French woman. Best bit is when Sybil arrives home early and is trying to get into their bedroom but Basil thinks it’s the French woman. He says “My wife has returned unexpectedly. What’s that, Sybil? Yes, on the shelf there, dear.” Sybil then says, after a brief pause, “I am your wife.” He quickly musses up his hair, opens the door and says, sleepily, “I’ve just had an awful dream!”

Bed by 10:30. The first early night this week.

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