The Big Dig – 2

Up at 6:30 and recommenced digging at 8. More of the same except I was aching. A lot!

Got to the bottom of my test pit, photographed and sketched it, then filled it in again. Finished by about 2:30.

A quick shower then we went over to Haslemere to look at a bungalow.

Lovely garden, ugly house in an ugly street with council type houses. And only £300k!

The place would need a lot of work. I ached too much to even think about it. A pity, really, because it had a brilliant garden.

Went to Next Door at the George for late lunch/early dinner. Lovely as usual. Finally, home to a relaxing bath.

Watched Time Team, wondering why they didn’t visit me. Given there were 70,000 test pits on the website probably explains it. Mind you, mine was very boring and some of the ones they featured were fantastic. Then again, some of them were worse than mine.

Bed at 10, exhausted.

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