Whistling is cool

Or so I just heard on Front Row. Apparently a lot of popular songs recorded this year include a certain amount of whistling. It is catchy, I guess. The first recording of someone whistling is from 1891 by an African American. It’s very scratchy. As opposed to catchy.

According to the guy on the radio, hand clapping may make a return by the end of the year.

I had another lovely day at the Science Museum today, learning all about the Earl of Cadogan, the 11th Earl of Huntingdon (who was dead when he was honoured posthumously because there was no true heir for 30 years) and the Reverend William Buckland.

Buckland, in particular is a guy I have known of before. He understood the importance of fossils and he excavated the Kirkdale Caves in North Yorkshire, finding all manner of strange beasts. Of course, he did rip off Mary Anning to some extent but, even so, we have a lot to thank him for.

I am so glad I’ve finished the Locations Project! Long live the Arts Project, I say.

I have to just mention the Arabic rug seller. Every Friday morning, he would greet me, beckoning earnestly, as if he had a bargain only I could collect; a secret for my ears only. He would desperately look left and right, to make sure it was just me to whom he would impart this important information, this carpet bargain.

Well, now he has gone. I would pull faces at him and mutter things under my breath, but to be honest, I miss him now he’s gone. But the thing is, the exhibition is being removed. Workmen now take the place of the rug seller, unscrewing, unbolting, wrapping carefully in industrial protection.

It was an exhibition about the 1001 Inventions of the Islamic world and was very popular. It was made up of a series of big octagonal displays, each with a massive flat screen TV sitting, facing out in portrait rather than the normal landscape. From each of these screens came a performance from various Arabic looking chaps, eager to tell their stories.

They would gesture frantically, making you press the button at the bottom of their screens, so you would listen. My rug seller was one of them. It’s rather sad that I’ll never see him again.

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2 Responses to Whistling is cool

  1. Claire says:

    A sad tale of the rug seller.As the years have been rolling by for me I have noticed that I look back with sadness remembering certain people or pets whom I did not always think kindly of and I now feel guilty and wish I had been kinder to them. I could be a lot happier with out my conscience. Fiona was delighted to hear from admin.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    I also think Whistling is cool I used to like the blokes whistling at me as I walked by mind you I was 18 then not 76.
    Yes what a sad story about the rug seller, hi Fiona nice to hear from you. Josie


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