Nun too soon

Ages ago, Dawn suggested we all go and see a one woman play called Nun the Wiser. Last night we went and saw it. It was in Chichester so we decided to all travel down together from Dawn & Nicktor’s place. This grew into having dinner at theirs beforehand.

Nicktor cooked up a storm…actually, he heated up a storm and cooked one of the dishes. Very nice it was too. All very Indian. And lots of beer. Mirinda duly wandered around and looked at all the changes to the house and garden since last she visited. They appear to have the biggest apple mint leaves in the world. A herb suffering from gigantism.

The play, while being very funny in parts, was not really the sort of thing I enjoy. It is a rare one-person show that keeps my attention. I missed a fair bit of this one as I was asleep. According to the others, it was very good.

For reasons that I didn’t quite get, this woman became a nun and the play is about her life during that time. I think she lasted a year then stopped being a nun. That was it, really.

It was performed in the Bishop’s Kitchen, behind Chichester Cathedral. Outside is a lovely green where we had pre-show and interval drinks. We then had a long drive back.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I am not to keen on one person show and I expect I would have done the same, ( sleep )
    love mum

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