On the tiles

Today we went and looked at tiles for the extension. What a bewildering array of options!

In my typical style, I spotted an Italian range which I immediately decided were perfect. In Mirinda’s typical style, we had to look at thousands of other tiles as well. We managed to get some samples and headed back home.

We also took some more boxes up to the storage unit, clearing a bit more room by the front door. And, I am pleased to report, Mirinda actually threw some stuff out! This is so rare that it bears reporting. We then went and picked up the poodles.

At the beginning of the week, Mirinda had to go to London for meetings and a girls’ night out which was, as she described, the worst night out she’d ever had, so she booked the poodles into the kennel. Now, following Mirinda’s run in with the usual kennel owners, she was rather keen to try a new one near Odiham.

When they arrived, the poodles were kitted out in coats (tartan for Carmen & pink, with diamantés, for Day-z) and happily wandered off for a new adventure. When we picked them up this afternoon, they were their usual delirious selves. Mirinda said they looked happy enough when they didn’t realise she was looking.

Back at home, we settled down for a lovely night in, surrounded by rain, wind and generally foul weather. At least it’s not very cold.

This is not really what they look like but, for the record, I like the top right hand one.
This is not really what they look like but, for the record, I like the top right hand one.
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  1. For the record I like that one to will help to give light. Did the dogs get there coats back.
    love mum x

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