So, the building work we saw up at Hankley a while back was the beginning of a set for a new film version of Macbeth. It is being made by the same people who produced The King’s Speech.


I have no idea what the set represents though, it occurs to me it may be one of the battle scenes. The production team looked everywhere for the perfect heathland but couldn’t get any better than Hankley. Funny how this is the second time in a row that it has represented Scotland.

Close up

Close up

There were a lot of people wandering around. Presumably this was, in part, because it was the first sunny day for ages. Given the amount of people checking out the set up close and personal, I think it was also because of interest in the shoot.

According to a piece I read about it, the film will be a Shakespearian version so there’ll probably be no helicopter attack like in Skyfall. I’m also fairly certain that James Bond holds a lot more interest for far more people, so the crowds we saw when they were filming it, are not likely to be repeated. Even so, we find it very exciting.

So, rather than Burnham Wood coming to Dunsinane, it’s going to be Dunsinane coming to Hankley Common.

The rest of the day was spent discussing the possibility of moving out of the house for three months during the worst of the building work. We’re going to look at a place at Frensham tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will be perfect.

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2 Responses to Macbeth

  1. Mirinda says:

    You’ve got to ask – what’s the matter with Scotland???

  2. Wow!! I just said that to dad what Mirinda said, well what is the matter with Scotland? but what ever it is good other wise you would not get to see the goings on. That is a much better idea about moving out hope it works.
    love mum x


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