Finding one’s niche

Today at the Science Museum I started working on the art project. While I enjoyed the Location Update Project, it was, basically, just data entry. The first couple of vials of poison may be quite interesting but by the time you get to the 150th vial of poison…well, you get the picture. Which doesn’t even help because most of the records have no picture!

Anyway, that is all behind me. The Art Project is still updating the database and fixing up things that have been a bit skew-if since about 2006, but with the added difference of including research.

Each arty item has a maker, each maker has to have a record on the database. If there is no record of the person, one needs to be created. In order to create one I have to hunt them down using any method I can find to do so. It’s like being at uni except it’s work! Ignoring the fact that I don’t get paid, of course.

Anyway, it was a great day at work today. Though, to be fair, with the Location Update Project, I was getting through around 200 records a day. Today I managed 5.

Next Monday is my first Monday volunteering day, working with Kevin (whose chair I sit in on Fridays) rather than Nick. What this entails, I have no idea.

Mirinda had to give a presentation today at a conference and did very well. I’d leave it for her to elaborate but I know how difficult she finds it to make an entry on here…

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2 Responses to Finding one’s niche

  1. Claire says:

    Gary, will you be volunteering two days each week or are you changing days?Iam glad Mirinda’s presentation went well. Canary wharf was shown on Location again one night last week.Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Oh darn! I missed that Claire what channel?
    Pity you are not getting paid but may be one day and you do love what you are doing,would like to read Mirinda’s presentation. Still know she is busy.
    love mum

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