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I see that Australia has a new prime minister…and it’s a woman! Well done, I say! Mind you, it’s a bit like us and Gordon Brown. We didn’t vote for him but he replaced Tony Blair when he left mid-term.

I’ve had a look around about Julia Gillard and she’s Welsh and a lawyer. Though she’s Welsh like I’m English. Her parents moved to Australia in 1966 as ten pound Poms.

Unfortunately, she was part of the ‘Gang of Four’ who were instrumental in cutting the emissions trading scheme for which Rudd stood down. So I’m not sure that Labour will still be in after the next election. Knowing bugger all about Australian politics, that’s all the comment I’m going to make.

Today I pottered about in the garden. I had to transplant a stripey plant and drop in a few cosmos’, which instantly brightened up the bed near the patio. I also planted the second lot of sweet peas at the base of another obelisk.

The garden is looking lovely now though I have to water every evening because it’s so dry. Actually there’s a drought in the north east which follows the terrible floods they had in February. Go figure. They are close to a hose pipe ban up there!

Fortunately we have lots of lovely aquifers down here in the south which means we have more water. I heard on the news that the Isle of Mull had to ship in something like 40,000 litres of water the other day. Who says we don’t get a summer over here?

The Japan team is playing out of their skins in the World Cup tonight. At half time they lead Denmark by 2-0 after two amazing free kicks. If they win, they go through. Brilliant stuff. And the shock of the tournament…Italy, the World Cup holders, went out this afternoon, ending up coming last in their group behind New Zealand! I love football.

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3 Responses to In the news

  1. Mum Cook says:

    You are not the only one who says she wont get in at the next election. Between them we have more people on the streets and without jobs then it ever has been. Wish we could throw out Bligh, she gets more like her G G G Grandfather, except she doesn’t tie anyone to rocks and lets them drown because they stole a loaf of bread. love mum

  2. Claire says:

    The new prime minister is certainly a good speaker she is just on the wrong team.As julia is one of the four who decided on a lot of wrong decisions ,I wonder.I feel sorry for Mr. Rudd he seemed to want to do everything at once like a hungry dog let into a butcher shop.I had no idea that Bligh was related to Captain Bligh thank you Josie.Claire

  3. Mum Cook says:

    Yes Claire I feel sorry about Mr Rudd I think it was done very underhanded and it was awful watching him when he made his last press speach, and agree with you he tried to do to much to fast Josie


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