Two legs good, eight legs bad

Tonight, we watched the worst movie we have ever seen on a Nicktor Night. It was called Payback Season…It should have been called Absolute Crap.

This piece of rubbish, disguised as a movie, had absolutely nothing good about it. A bad script, a lack of acting, pointlessness…

Actually, there was one thing in the film that we both liked; the white Ferrari. Very nice and such an improvement over the obvious red one. Given this was a complete departure from the film’s low level of artistic quality, I’m thinking this was probably an accident because the car dealership had run out of all other colours.

I generally give myself a little while to think about my blog entries before actually committing fingers to keyboard. I find this gives me a chance to find the good in most things. I am seriously of the opinion that no matter how long I waited, this film couldn’t possibly improve.

Imagine my shock, then, when I read a couple of reviews on IMDB, both of which praised the film. To be fair, all the other reviews agreed with me but I have to wonder what sort of brain you’d have to have to actually think that the DVD for Payback Season was anything other than a handy coaster.

Nicktor had a good idea for the DVD. He was going to give it to Matt so he could see what happens when you shoot one with an air rifle.

Earlier in the day, while Skyping with mum & dad, there was a terror-filled moment when a spider happened to make itself known. I’m surprised I didn’t see it, given mum claimed it was SO BIG.

I was entertained by the sight of mum running around the living room, spray in hand, jumping away from the giant monster arachnid. She claimed she couldn’t squash it with a shoe because she might miss. I assume she was worried that the spider would then have turned on her and eaten through the shoe before laughing maniacally, rubbing a couple of its legs together.

However, even earlier in the day, I woke to the news that Australia had regained the Ashes with a victory at the WACA. With two more test matches to go (SCG & MCG) and the score presently at 3-0, we could be looking at a whitewash…fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Mum texted me in the morning to say that she’d woken up to find the spider in the middle of the living room floor, dead.

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2 Responses to Two legs good, eight legs bad

  1. Mirinda says:

    Poor spider – it was just trying to Skype its friends. I didn’t realise you were such a wuss Josie! It’s that English childhood.

  2. Yes you are probably right never have liked spiders.
    love mum x


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