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DNA Mate

Back when I was roaming the far reaches of New South Wales as Simmo in David Williamson’s The Removalists, one of my lines that always caused more mirth than it deserved was “DNA Mate!” Having beaten up and killed Kenny, … Continue reading

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A month in three days

We’ve been fans of John Simm ever since first seeing him in The Lakes. He has an amazing intensity and edginess that makes watching him a joy. We equally enjoyed him in Life on Mars and as a wonderfully evil … Continue reading

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A handbag?

A few months ago, Mirinda sent me a link to an ad for a production of The Importance of Being Earnest with David Suchet playing Lady Bracknell. This was an opportunity too good to miss. I bought a couple of … Continue reading


Bump it with a trumpet

I’ve seen a lot of musicals in my time (been in a few, too) but today I saw the best one ever. And not only that, I also saw the best performance in a musical ever. The musical was Gypsy, … Continue reading

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The downside of absolute pleasure

I had a rather buy day today. Mirinda had Book Group while I had a Presenters’ lunch with the Talking Newspaper. I made her a casserole for dinner then went off to the Maltings for a, supposedly, live streaming performance … Continue reading

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Outrageous FSI

We were sitting in the pub at lunchtime, enjoying our roasts when I suddenly smelled the unmistakable aroma of fox poo. It sort of wafted by my nose. It couldn’t be Day-z, I said, because she was on the other … Continue reading

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The driest Martini

When you ask for a dry vodka Martini in the American Bar at the Savoy, this is what you get. And it was the driest Martini I have ever had. Superb. The reason we were at the Savoy was because … Continue reading

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Tonight we went to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre to see Alan Ayckbourn’s 77th play (he’s written 78). It was written in 2013 and is called Arrivals and Departures. The last Ayckbourn play we saw was Neighbourhood Watch, his 75th play. … Continue reading


Blood and water

Ah, Nicktor Night. They come round so soon. Hopefully we’ll not miss them too much when the extension work starts. At the Albion, we decided to mix things up a bit because Nicktor had had ham, egg and chips for … Continue reading

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Bad, immoral and crazy

Today was the first edition of the Talking Newspaper for 2014…although there’s been two week’s of papers. Subsequently, I had to prepare two editions of the printed paper. While this was very good for the amount of stories available to … Continue reading

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