The local paper is full of everything Christmas at the moment. Fayres, Santas, elves, penguins, made up creators, etc. The only thing really missing is any mention of the Christmas goat. I know this because I had a Talking Newspaper session today.

It was the Farnham edition which means an early start. This is very good because it also means an early finish. I also like the fact that as presenter I’m the first there and get to work on the papers by myself for almost an hour.

I had an excellent team as well, making it all pretty much perfect. John and June Evans and David Seal. Excellent and entertaining.

John amazed us all by making a story about the movement of a post office, really funny and interesting. I made a comment about it at the time. Extraordinary.

And, of course, there was all the Christmas stuff. Which was irritating.

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One Response to Christmas…arghhhhhhhhhhh

  1. Your lucky we have had Christmas since October I suppose it will be Easter on boxing day, nothing to look forward to anymore.
    love mum x

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