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Missing dad

Christmas Day with the Hassells was lovely. I had the assistance of Jason (my new sous chef) and Lauren in the preparation and cooking…and Lauren did a fabulous job on the menu board. You can see she’s included Emma. She … Continue reading


Long distance attendance

Mum and dad’s anniversary party was today, and I attended. Well, I wasn’t in Queensland, like any sensible person, eating at lunchtime and settling down to a nice long chat with family and a few (or more) beers. No, I … Continue reading


Lilac relic of a bygone age

The final Mitford Girl died today aged 94. She was the youngest of the famous sisters who made a name for themselves through the artistocratic world of the 1940’s. Deborah Mitford is well known for saving Chatsworth House (which we … Continue reading

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Doctor Fish

Schönbrunne was the summer residence of the Habsburgs. Marie Antoinette was born there before being shipped off to Paris to have her head cut off. Sisi spent quite a lot of time at Schönbrunne as well, making herself beautiful and … Continue reading


Octopus balls and Bratwurst

It’s always odd on a first day of a holiday when you take a plane. Well, I think so, anyway. You start off in a familiar environment. You enter an airport terminal where everything looks the same as any other … Continue reading



The local paper is full of everything Christmas at the moment. Fayres, Santas, elves, penguins, made up creators, etc. The only thing really missing is any mention of the Christmas goat. I know this because I had a Talking Newspaper … Continue reading

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Christmas on the beach

Today we went over to Fiona and Andrew’s for Christmas lunch. It was all very chilled and we all had a lovely relaxed time. Apart from a baked potato, the food was Australianistically ideal in that it was cold. There … Continue reading

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Merry Czech Christmas

I haven’t reported on the shower. I shall do so now. The most disconcerting thing about the bathroom is that it is all glass. The walls around it and internal the walls around the shower and toilet. These latter walls … Continue reading

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When did the rest of the world go mad for German Christmas markets? We’d never heard of them and then, wham, suddenly they’re everywhere. They even have one at Lower Loxley in The Archers. I might be wrong and they’ve … Continue reading


Vánoční prázdniny

Last Christmas, Mirinda & I were in different Australian states, missing each other. It was the first Christmas we had spent apart in 19 years of marriage. While it was great to spend it with our families, we both missed … Continue reading

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