Being a Tuesday and being free of the gout blight, Nicktor came over last night. We had sausages and mash and white sauce! Very odd, I know, but apparently he LOVES my white sauce.

We watched Saw IV. Interesting. It managed to answer a few questions but was still frustratingly vague. It’s a case of a franchise being way inferior to the original product. It was also, possibly, the goriest of the lot. Though there’s also Saw V & VI, according to Nicktor. I’m not sure what they’ll be like as the main character is definitely dead now – we saw him cut open on the mortuary slab.

We then watched Jackie Brown, the only Tarantino film we had yet to see. I saw it years ago and had forgotten how long it is. Sadly, for Nicktor, it doesn’t feature much of that Tarantino action he loves. It is memorable for the wonderful job Robert de Niro does as the down and out-ish ex-con. A joy to watch. Anyway, Nicktor wasn’t impressed with it though he did sleep through quite a bit so I’m not sure whether he’s a fit judge. For me, I think it’s a bit long-winded but I like the style, being of the black exploitation films of the late 1970s. And it has quite a funky soundtrack though there’s only so much Motown Soul I can truly enjoy at one time.

In the World Cup, a bit of a surprise. Most of the games up till now have been a bit dull. And then New Zealand played Slovakia yesterday. I tend to disagree with most of the reports that say it was boring. I really enjoyed it. I thought the play was end to end and both teams looked hungry and desperate. Slovakia scored early in the second half and it looked like they were going to sail through with a win. But then, with 30 seconds to go, a cross from the wing came sailing into the box and a New Zealand head attached to it and it was one all. They went insane! Not only had the so-called minnows managed not to lose, they had gained their first ever point in World Cup football!

I like the fact that the NZ football team is called the All Whites versus the All Blacks rugby team. Cute.

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