Old Boiler

A rather dull day, today. Most of it was taken up with writing test scripts. I also managed a few glimpses of football – mostly dull as well.

For a break I planted a few plants courtesy of yesterdays trip to Crondall. Of course I took the poodles for a walk and, of course, Carmen had an FSI. Rotten dog. That’s two baths in two days.

The highlight of the day was when the British Gas guy arrived to give us a quote for a new boiler. Ours is over ten years old, so he says and needs replacing.

The Italy v Paraguay game is currently on and Italy (the reigning champions), having been surprised by a goal from Paraguay in the first half has pulled one back. FINALLY, an exciting game! Two Italian girls in the crowd blew kisses at the goal scorer. Among the 89,000 fans, I’m not sure the guy saw them, somehow.

I forgot to mention my Neros’ coffee on Friday! Everything was as it should be. Service and coffee were excellent!

I notice that New Zealand has a team in the World Cup this year. The commentator just called them the minnows of the competition. Extraordinary. I didn’t even know they HAD a football team.

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  1. Claire says:

    Gary, when I saw old boiler I thought you were having ago at me your mother in-law. Perhaps Carmen enjoys her baths. She is a very smart dog. Claire

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