The jaws that bite, the claws that catch

An Irishman, a Scotsman and an Australian, walk into a football ground…” Said Mark as we walked through the Rec turnstile.
There’s a joke in there somewhere,” Replied Stewart.

We’d just walked down from the Queen Vic having had dinner and a number of beers (a Yorkshire beer called Blonde, which was quite nice). Mark and Stewart are two guys that Nicktor knows through work who he’d persuaded to come and see the Mighty Shots play some real football.

I’ve met Mark before. He’s the one who supports Dunfermline, a team in about the same position as Aldershot. I’ve mentioned him before. A lovely guy…if you ignore the fact that he drinks Fosters.

Stewart I didn’t know before tonight. He supports Man United, something we’ll just gloss over. Apart from that, he is an incredibly funny Northern Irishman.

Nicktor had taken a half day of his holidays so we started off with a movie before catching a bus into Aldershot – so he could drink. We watched a bit of a forgotten classic called The Hit. Apart from the ending, we both enjoyed it, justifying the full price that Nicktor paid for it. (The movies we usually watch, he’s bought for about £2.)

On the bus, my arm started aching. This was due to the vaccination I’d been given in the morning, in preparation for the trip to China. It hadn’t hurt at the time and had sat dormant for most of the day. Strange that it should start aching when I was sitting on a bus.

The injection was for Hepatitis A and the soreness didn’t last very long. The nurse who injected me told me to beware of cats, bats, rats and dogs (that sounds quite funny when said aloud) while in Beijing. If bitten I should immediately seek medical advice. Sadly, there’s no protection against rabies otherwise she’d have dosed me with some.

Of course, this put me in mind of Cujo and I was amazed that Nicktor, not only had never read or seen it but hadn’t even heard of it. I shouldn’t really be surprised, Nicktor hasn’t heard of a lot of things.

But, back to the football…

We were playing Luton tonight and the game was a fast paced, see saw of a match. I regularly text Mirinda when a goal is scored. I don’t know why but she does respond. Last night the texts ran:

19:50 – 0-1 them
19:58 – 1-1
20:02 – 1-2 them
20:10 – 2-2
20:32 – 3-2 us!

That was the first half sorted and it was, to quote Mirinda’s text, ‘…a very exciting match.’

Sadly, we couldn’t get any more goals and the second half was full of end to end play until, in a last desperate attack, Luton were awarded a penalty. There was some debate on the Slab whether it was a fair penalty or not (as you’d expect) and consensus was that the referee was an idiot and it shouldn’t have been awarded (as you’d expect).

And so, the final whistle blew on a 3-3 draw. Mark and Stewart were suitably impressed and we all went back to the Queen Vic for a post match pint (or two).

It’s been a while since Nicktor and I have had a drinking session. I can’t say I’ve missed it and, it’s nice to report, Nicktor agreed. I think we might be joining a Temperance Society.

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  1. HAHAHA Don’t see you two joining a Temperance Society from Dad he was laughing his head off, me to but wont hurt you to cut down.
    love mum x

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