Party, Cansfield style

Woke at 7am feeling more awake than I can remember.

We went to Darnley’s for lunch but it took so long for our sandwiches to arrive (20 minutes) that we left without eating, ending up at Wetherspoons.

Had dinner and Dawn and Nick’s place tonight. Very funny night. Nick is a crazy man. He loves punk music but is never allowed to play it. He works 60 (this grew to 70 after a few drinks) hours a week, comes home every night and cooks dinner then works a few more hours at home. He also has a collection of 500 miniature whisky bottles.

Tasted some of his excellent collection of single malts (full size).

Played a particularly funny game of Pictionary ending in Mirinda (partnered with Dawn) managing to throw a 20 on a normal 6 sided die and winning. This, even though Nick kept whispering the answers at me.

Left pretty drunk at about 1am. Food was lovely but, so Mirinda said, it didn’t beat mine.

Back at home, I decided it would be a great idea to watch All That Jazz – surprised at how much dialogue I still remember – and didn’t fall into bed until 3am.

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