Weigh in. 13st 3lbs (83.9kg). No change over the month…but no surprise as I’ve been naughty a few times. ‘Must try harder’ is scrawled across my report card.

Marlon Brando died today, aged 80. No-one is saying of what. Ignoring his politics and personal life, he was one of the greatest film actors in the history of cinema. What a legacy of great performances he leaves us.

Puppy class was very funny again. Day-z seemed to be a bit more relaxed about it but Carmen was still on edge. She has a bad habit of snapping at other dogs’ noses. It all starts with sniffs and tail wagging but always ends in a swift, sharp snap. Crazy bitch.

This afternoon I went to Surrey Uni to enrol in the Combined Sciences undergraduate degree programme. Coming back home, the trains were fucked.

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