Mr Dillon! Mr Dillon!

So, I went to the doctor this morning. I actually managed to see my actual doctor who wasn’t as concerned as the one I saw on Friday. Mind you, my knee doesn’t look anywhere near as insane as it did back then so I’m not sure she can really judge.

Walking down to the doctor was my first walk outside the house (disregarding a short walk to the corner store yesterday) since Friday. I felt a bit wobbly but otherwise it was pretty painless. The best thing was the feeling of freedom.

I didn’t have to wait very long before going in to the doctor. She gave my leg a pretty thorough examination and seemed pleased with the progress. She told me to finish the course of antibiotics and not to take part in any high impact exercise (yeah, like that’s ever going to happen). She also suggested I get a knee support (yes, mum, I know).

Her prognosis is that it will take about three weeks to return to normal. Brilliant. There goes any hope of my long jump career.

After the doctor, I took the bus (it felt so lazy) into Farnham and (after buying the support) went to Starbucks where Leigh asked where I’d been. I told her about my knee and how I’d been locked in and she said I should have rung and she’d have delivered my coffee. This is a part of her special emergency service.

Wearing the support, which made my leg a lot easier to use, I shopped then took the bus back home.

Who’d have thought such a day would be so exciting?

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  1. Well I know you said mum told me but actualy it was dad but may be you didn’t hear him.and glad you got it it will heal quicker.
    love mum x

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