Being a lock in and typing drivel

And yet another day, locked away from the world with my knee. Good job there’s Skype; at least I saw mum & dad. Mind you, I was a bit late calling because of Mirinda’s photo album of Japan which my laptop had problems loading onto Flickr. Still…we had a lovely chat.

Of course, not a lot happened to me today, although my knee had improved a lot and the swelling was almost gone. Even so, I have been ordered to take it easy. So I did a lot of scanning and uploading to Flickr, photographs that, for some reason, my mother is unable to access.

Still, it’s not like me to miss an opportunity to post something, regardless of it’s content. And it is with great ceremony I announce two great things that happened on this day.

Firstly, we have the birth of Emily Bronte in 1818.

Anything concerning the Bronte’s always reminds me of the story of the graveyard downhill from the parsonage in which they lived. The town was below the level of the cemetery and the water for the town came from above it.

There was an amazing plague which seemed to affect only their town of Haworth and not the surrounding villages in the area. It was the water passing through the dead bodies and the people using the water. Gross, I know.

Secondly, today celebrates one of the most unlikely sporting results of all time. England won the World Cup in 1966. And we are never allowed to forget it. Talk about living under the (very) dim glow of a past victory!

Interestingly (or not, as the case may be), I can find no connection between either of these two events and my swollen knee.

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  1. At least you are doing as you are told resting it love mum x

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