Exactly a year ago

The question of the week, in London at least, has been “What legacy has the Olympics left?” Apparently, in terms of the millions of people who were going to take up sporting activity, not a lot. Pretty much what one expected, I’d say. Though, I read in the Evening Standard tonight that the athletes village is ready to go on sale as units after being renovated a bit to include kitchens and bathrooms.

Well, there’ll be no sporty activities for me at the moment. Following my fall on Wednesday night, I woke up this morning to an incredibly sore left knee. I debated whether to go to work or not but, unfortunately as it turned out, I opted to go.

I limped up to the station, slowly made my way to the Tube (there’s a remarkable amount of stairs to navigate that are only obvious when you have difficulty walking) and eventually made it to the basement.

With a great sense of relief, I lowered myself into my chair. I was wearing shorts and the swelling around my knee was pretty obvious. It hurt when I bent it and was painful when putting any weight on it.

There was a pleasant interlude when I dragged my knee down to the graveyard for lunch.


The park was pretty much empty, which was remarkable when you consider there was hardly room to move in Exhibition Road. I’d like to thank Emma for introducing me to this glorious oasis. Lunch was a delight in the shade, the sun not as hot as it has been recently.


I slowly dragged myself back to the basement and settled down to more work which this week consisted of far too many dug out canoes.

The trip home was awful. My knee had ballooned out and walking was painfully slow. At Farnham station I hopped in a taxi rather than suffer with more walking.

At home I immediately rang the doctor and asked the receptionist if I could get an appointment ASAP. She was hesitant, saying they were overbooked. When I told her what the problem was, she suggested I come down as soon as I could and she’d try and get me in.

Normally when I go to the doctor with a scheduled appointment, I wind up waiting at least 15 minutes beyond the appointment time. Not this evening. I was sat there about two minutes when I was beeped into the doctor’s office.

The doctor looked very concerned with the swelling, particularly when I gave him the blow by blow description of how it happened. He said it appeared to be infected and immediately gave me a prescription for two types of antibiotics.

We are supposed to be going to the theatre tomorrow but it now seems unlikely. And so Mirinda came home to nurse me rather than stay at the flat. It was to be our second Sondheim in two weeks! Very bloody annoying.

I’m going back to the doctor on Wednesday.

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  1. flip 100 says:

    Gary Charles what are we going to do with you your knee looks awful thank goodness you went to the Dr. love mum x

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