Not merrily at all

My knee is ridiculously swollen. It feels like it could give out at any time. It hurts to bend it. I can’t drink because of the antibiotics. AND we didn’t get to go to Merrily We Roll Along, a Sondheim musical which has had more five star reviews than any other West End musical! And it ended tonight. DAMN STUPID KNEE!


So, the vast majority of the day was spent supine, leg out straight, walking only when necessary. When at rest, it felt fine but the moment I tried to put any weight on it, it felt like it wasn’t joined together and I’d just topple over. A very odd feeling.

I felt useless all day – Mirinda went and did the shopping and, apart from the size of the bag of spinach, bought everything correctly and not an excessive amount of stuff we didn’t need. I did get to read quite a bit of the new Jack Aubrey book, Post Captain.

Oh, and J.J. Cale died today. He was a large part of my growing up. His music and words surrounded my teenage years with meaning and mischief. Naturally, is one of those albums that everyone should have – I think I wore out my vinyl one.

His style was laid back, his music chilled. He’ll be missed but always remembered. Well, as long as we have music players.

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2 Responses to Not merrily at all

  1. flip 100 says:

    At least you are doing what you are told and you never know the play may come back. love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    Such a shame to have missed the play. The dangers of planning ahead. Poor m8e

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