Eating out

Today was my last full day with Mum and Dad. To ‘celebrate’, we decided to go down to Happy Valley for lunch.

We packed Dad’s wheelchair and hot tailed it down the hill. Fortune was smiling on us as we slipped into the only parking space which, fortunately, was a disabled one. There was a lot of people around and, at first, we didn’t think we’d find a spot (Mum and I even went for a bit of recce first) but we decided to roam around and, if we didn’t find anything in the shade, just go back home again.

Luckily we found a lovely spot, under a cover with benches and a table, with enough room for Dad’s chair at the end. Having settled us all, Mum then went off to the chippie for some lunch. Dad and I chatted about how the place used to look before the council prettied it all up.

Behind us was a giant inflatable slide. Lots of kids (and a fair few adults) took to the steps at the back and climbed to the top.

Stairway to sliding

Around the other side, they would go flying down into a long trench of water, splashing and squealing. It was so much fun that they would want another go as soon as they’d finished the first.

I’ve changed my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind…

At $2 a go, we thought it was a bit expensive but plenty of parents were shelling out for their kids. I reckon it was a choice between food and the slide.

Our fish and chips were lovely (my fish was crumbed) and fabulous eating outside – there was actually a breeze. We had a jolly good time, laughing and joking and shouting for Mum’s benefit.

Dad and Mum enjoying the outside

It was the perfect way to spend my last full day in Caloundra.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Yes Gary Charles it was a perfect day and we loved it too.and a good thing I did not read this before you went I would have knocked your block off. LOL
    Love your mum safe journey home xx.

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