Sexy Bob

For some reason, Mirinda failed to receive any text messages from her dad yesterday so she didn’t know that Claire had gone into hospital. He’d gone to bed just before we arrived home so didn’t see us last night either. So it was a bit of a shock this morning to find she wasn’t at the house.

However, all is well. We think the excitement of the trip to and from Queensland, a raucous week and all that brandy she put away, proved a little bit too much for her.

At the hospital, they discovered she was terribly dehydrated and immediately put her on a drip. Things started to improve from then on. The reason she’s still in the hospital is merely for observation. She looks fine and would rather be at home.

She told us a very funny story about when she and Bob started going out together. At the time, she had this sort of stand-in, not-boyfriend called Warrick who was handy to go to the flicks with on a Saturday night. It seriously was NOT serious.

Claire claims the reason it wasn’t serious was because Warrick was very, very short. Way shorter than her, in fact. And for this reason, Claire decided to find a taller chap to take her to her deb ball. Bob, it seems, was perfect.

After the ball, Bob figured Claire would go back to her relationship with Warrick even though she stresses there was not one. After a few days of Bob not calling her, Claire eventually rang him and asked him why he hadn’t called. It was around this time that he found out they were going steady.

We then heard a rather alarming story about how irresistible Bob was when he’s playing the piano accordion. Not to Claire, you understand, but to every other woman within hearing.

We all had a jolly good laugh at the hospital this evening, before we had to leave (we exceeded visiting hours a bit but the staff was very chilled).

This was something else that made me laugh.

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