An extra hour

The clocks changed last night. Before going to bed we had to put the clocks back an hour. I was a bit concerned that the poodles would wake me up an hour earlier than yesterday but it seems to have fooled them…for the moment.

As it turned out, the extra hour didn’t fool them when it came to dinner time. They always let me know when it’s 6 o’clock, wandering around, looking at me beseechingly. This evening they started doing it at 5pm. I guess that’s what happens when you’re ruled by your tummy.

I told them they’d have to wait because British summer time had ended. I explained that this happened every year and they’d probably inadvertently forgotten. They just continued staring at me, tails down, for another hour.

It’s not as if they’re likely to starve – they did have dry biscuits in their bowl after all. Hopefully they’ll adjust to the new times from tomorrow.

Mirinda has somehow contracted a sore throat so the day was spent in rest and warmth. It’s almost as if the weather knows the summer time has ended, as we have been experiencing Arctic conditions. Even I think it’s cold.

Actually, it wasn’t all rest. Mirinda has finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade her iPhone to iOS6. This means that I have to grit my teeth and spend two hours faffing about with a technology that doesn’t like me. Still, I managed it and the iPhone seemed to work fine afterwards.

And for dinner, we watched the Tim Burton film, Dark Shadows. I have been wanting to see this ever since it bombed at the cinema. It stars two of my favourites (Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfieffer) and I always love a Burton film.

The film is based on a cult American TV show which Johnny Depp has said he loved as a child, wanting to be Barnabas Collins, the main character in the film.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the film, I think I know why it didn’t prove a critical success. Depp’s character seems to waver between likeable and evil. Audiences want to love Depp in whatever role he plays but when he strays into the darker side of things, they turn off a bit. At least that’s what I think. It may also explain the (relative) failure of Sweeney Todd.

Even so, Michelle Pfieffer was wonderful – I don’t think she can do any wrong, so I may be a teensy bit biased.

Apart from the critics, it was a box office success, making a motzah, as these things invariably do.

I’d recommend it for anyone who likes a bit of fun, great effects, Johnny Depp and the wonderful Michelle Pfieffer.

One thing I noticed was how the two characters, Barnabas and Victoria resembled the main characters in Burton’s animated feature, Corpse Bride in the final moments of the film.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    You are a nut as if they new you had changed the clock so I have to put my English clock back 1 hour. ok will do.
    love mum

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