Another birthday

Today marked my two year anniversary on Blip. That’s 730 photographs, each with a comment. I think that’s pretty amazing until I see other users who have submitted over 1,000 images!

Because of a few missed blips, Dawn and I are both at the same point so, like our 500th entries, we decided to meet up and blip together again. I tend to get the greater benefit from this arrangement as she has a lot more followers and they tend to visit my account on my achievements simply because we link to each other.

So, we arranged to meet for lunch. I’d had the idea of blipping ourselves photographing ourselves (using a bit of Photoshop magic), in an attempt to continue the theme from our 500th.

We took the images in the Cansfield back garden then Dawn transferred the images from her camera to mine so I could perform the operation back at home. She then received a phone call from her dog groomer.

Basil and Polly had spent the morning in South Harting having a trim and polish and were ready to come home. We jumped into the car and drove over – it’s quite a distance but Dawn insists the groomer is the best and well worth the extra mileage. And, to be honest, the dogs looked lovely.

Basil, as usual, made a big fuss of me (obviously smelling Mirinda on me) and, unusually, Polly didn’t bark or snap at me. I think she might finally be used to me. Though it could be because I wasn’t wearing a hat…she doesn’t like men in hats.

Back at the house we had soup for lunch while we chatted about how busy Dawn is and how much she enjoyed the prehistoric seminar she attended on the weekend. It was then, all too soon, time to head back to the bus stop in Shottermill so she could get back to drive the boys to their assorted music classes.

Last week I was quite lucky with the buses (after the two dig days) but my luck had run out and I ended up waiting for an hour, having missed one by two minutes.

Mirinda had book group today and she suggested I text her if I wanted a lift. After waiting for 15 minutes (this is the amount of time some buses are delayed by) I did text her, asking if she’d finished yet. After waiting the full hour, I gratefully left the chilly wind and sat on the bus, sending her a second text saying not to worry about picking me up.

Nearly an hour later, I left the bus and was starting to walk home when she texted me back asking where I was. I said I was almost home and where was she, hoping she wasn’t waiting for me in Shottermill.

Eventually she pulled into the house. About five minutes later, she received all my texts from earlier. And not in the order I’d sent them. Strange. And a little irritating.

Anyway, a lovely, if somewhat hectic, day which culminated in our combined blip-iversaries. My 730th is here. And Dawn’s is here.

And, in the same vein, Mirinda also celebrated a blip milestone this week, celebrating her 100th blip entry. It’s here. And, in true Mirinda fashion, she didn’t even know.

But that’s not all! The world of Blip marches on, all it’s anniversaries to behold…Nicktor celebrated his one year of blipping. His 365th is here.

What funny lives we all lead.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    You do have a lot of Fun!!! loved your blip
    love mum


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