First thing this morning, I tidied up the office before moving the desk back into position. I’m quite happy with the finish of the second coat of gloss although I wasn’t impressed with the bug that decided to stick to it when it was still wet…the desk top, not the bug.

Showing the ceiling and matching desk top

It was then off to Talking Newspaper for the Haslemere edition.

One of the first things I do when I get to the studio is check out who is reading with me. I have to do this in order to ready the mailing cards so the finished recordings can go out to them once they’re complete. Also because I like to know who’s going to arrive before they do.

I spotted a name I didn’t recognise (my other two readers were the brilliant Mr & Mrs Evans, who I’ve raved about before). I also noticed on the schedule that one of the new presenters was due for the Alton edition.

I later found out that today was their second time on duty. Well, I can’t speak for the presenter but Jackie, my new reader, went very well and laughed at the appropriate times.

She was clearly a bit nervous and I recalled my first few times as a reader. I tried to make her feel more at ease and the Evans’ are always more than supportive. Consequently, the edition went very smoothly. It also helped that our engineer was Malcolm, who always fills everyone with confidence.

Anyway, it all went without a hitch and I was away home by 3:30. On the way back I realised that my group had been that rare thing: we were all from Farnham. This may sound odd but generally I’m the only one, the rest being from the surrounding area; some from as far afield as Haslemere. Pity we were reading the Haslemere edition really.

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  1. mum cook says:

    that would have been nice to have a new reader
    love mum

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