Horrid day

If there was an Oscar for horrid days then today was an easy winner. It basically rained all day with intermittent bursts of gale force winds. The sun appeared for about ten minutes. Not at all pleasant. Just the kind of day to spend doing housework. Which I did.

The one good thing about today was the announcement that we are now no longer in a drought. Not that the hose pipe ban has been lifted all over yet but at least this poor excuse for a drought is over. And I guess this burst of rain has topped up the water butt a bit. I’d emptied it during the sun drenched days we had so long ago.

One bright spot in the garden is our new climbing rose – another yellow one.

A real buttery yellow climbing rose

It’s called Arthur Bell and is named after a whisky manufacturer. It smells fabulous (though nothing like whisky) and looks so bright and cheerful. I’m now hoping the wind doesn’t blow all the petals off.

And just to show what a destructive little poodle Day-z is…at the vet’s charity day on Sunday, we bought the girls a big, blue, bouncy, ball which had a handle attached to it. The idea being you could throw it and they’d bring it back using the handle. Both of them worked it out pretty quickly and we had them running all over the garden until they became bored (after about three throws).

Since Sunday, Day-z has brought it to me a couple of times, asking me to throw it. Then yesterday, while I was gardening, I noticed her chewing it. And here’s what she’s managed to do to it so far.

Half a handle

It was twice this size on Sunday. I’m figuring it will be completely gone by tomorrow. This will render it useless as the ball is far too big for them to get in their mouths. Stupid Day-z!

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  1. mum cook says:

    Yes what a silly poodle wont have a ball to play with. Lovely lovely yellow rose Grandma would have loved it may be she does.
    love mum


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