Cash transaction blues

The other day, on my way to the ICA, I spotted an odd little construction. Or destruction, depending on the way you look at things. It was a rectangular feature with two holes cut into the ground. The feature, which looked similar to a small archaeological trench, was roped off with hazard tape. A small spoil heap was at one end.

Little did I know that this morning I’d discover what these were.

Something else I discovered was how difficult it is to buy a car in Sweden. Actually, it’s probably really easy if you take out a loan and pay it off, but when you’re a cash buyer, it’s so rare, no one knows what to do. It’s like the house, all over again.

We had to go into the bank to organise some things so, we added trying to pay for the car to the list. The woman at the bank was equally confused as to why we couldn’t pay the dealership. In fact, her first question was if we’d taken out a loan and were thinking of paying in instalments.

We read somewhen how Sweden has one of the highest levels of personal borrowing in the world. Perhaps this explains why people are not really sure how to just pay for something completely. I don’t know why, but it’s a bit annoying.

Back at home, we tried a number of methods, making quite a few frustrated calls to Henrik at the car place. By the end of the day, the money was sitting somewhere in limbo, idly twiddling its thumbs and laughing at our attempts to shift it.

Hopefully this will be resolved, one way or another, by Monday. A bit like mowing the grass, these things take a long time.

Speaking of which, I managed another three battery runs today, cutting most of the back garden. Between battery charges, I made a paleo loaf and sorted out the stuga ready for our guests tomorrow.

What our long visit at the bank, mowing, cooking and stuga prep meant was that we didn’t have time to go and see an art exhibition in Gnesta that KSP told us about. We decided to try tomorrow instead, though it may be a bit of a squeeze given tomorrow is pretty busy as well.

I’m finding this being constantly busy a bit of a strain. I’ve never liked it and even more so as I grow older. I feel like I just need to stop, sit down and look at the world for a bit. Fortunately, Trosa kommun is making this easier.

It was revealed this morning. The odd little construction is to be a new bench. One day, pretty soon, you might just see me sitting on it, watching the world.

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